About Uliving

A place to share with friends, teachers,
chefs, engineers, artists and yourself.

Meet Uliving by the four principles of the first and biggest student housing company of Brazil.

Uliving provides not only housing but also membership in a rich and dynamic community, with events and activities designed to provide interaction among its diverse members and to promote personal and professional development.

We seek to be innovative and customer focused, reducing the red tape that often accompanies signing a lease. Our reservation and booking process can be entirely online, with no need for a guarantor. Our lease terms are flexible, and can be as short as 6 months or as long as 12 or 18 months.

Our buildings are centrally located and promote interaction among our residents and their urban environment. Urban impact is central to our philosophy, and many of our properties are repurposed hotels and apartment buildings, reconfigured to bring new life to their urban eco-system.

Our spaces are designed to allow our residents to focus on their studies and to enrich their learning. Our properties include ample space for quiet study, sharing meals as a community, and events.

Enhance independence and create the leaders of tomorrow.”

Juliano Antunes – Uliving CEO

Our Units

Feels like home…

or even better.

Uliving Rio

Rio de Janeiro

Uliving Jardins

São Paulo

Uliving Santos


Uliving Paulista

São Paulo

Uliving 433

São Paulo

Uliving Pinheiros

São Paulo

Uliving Campinas


A space to share with
friends, teachers, chefs,
engineers, artists and


people already
lived with us




millions of
invested reais

“Better connections, professionalism and security
are among defended differentials. ”

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