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Barão Geraldo • Campinas • SP

Campinas is one Brazil’s most important cities in the educational and scientific production field. On 2022, Uliving will open a building in the biggest inland city of São Paulo to change the students way of living in Campinas.

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Like many cities of Sâo Paulo, Campinas was influenced by coffee production. Today, it’s the biggest inland city in the state and one of the most important ones in the scientific and technical production of Brazil. 15% of Brazilian scientific production comes from the city, produced by big universities like UNICAMP and PUC, however, technology has been part of the city’s history since the 19th Century, when Campinas became one of the first cities in the world to have a telephone line, for example.

Besides that, it’s a central city in the inland part of the Sâo Paulo state, with prestigious hospitals, schools, stores, and institutions. It’s a city full of museums and famous restaurants and bars, mixing ancient traditions with the contemporary lifestyle.

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