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Our communities are suitable for recent graduates making the transition from university life to professional life.

Our properties provide a hassle-free living experience and are located walking distance to public transportation and primary commercial districts.

Modernity even
in the house

Uliving’s buildings are modern and stylish – they reflect the life of your employee and your company.

Life in

In addition to the facilities of the buildings, living in a co-living is an emotional support, both by the support of the team and other residents.


Your employees will be in one of the best neighborhoods and with easy access to the fastest methods of getting around.

Nowadays, offering benefits to your team is not a competitive differential. But guaranteeing a good place to live is an impprovement on the team’s life and is a thing that few companies can do.

Besides the fact that your employees will produce more, by giving them this opportunity, you offer them a more dynamic, modern and fitted lifestyle on the big cities. Well located buildings, exclusive benefits for residents – from discounts to exclusive partnerships, – will be one of the many reasons your employee will keep enjoying to work for you.

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