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For Parents

Professional management

Our years of industry experience as pioneers of purpose-built student housing in Brazil mean that we understand the needs of university students and their parents. We understand parents’ concerns in relation to their childrens’ transition from home life to university life.  We strive to create a safe, comfortable and convenient place for students to live and thrive while in college, and we have a professional and trained staff to take care of our communities.

Your child’s safety is our priority

Our properties include cameras at all building entryways and common areas, electronic building and private room access control, and 24-hour building staffing – all to ensure your child is safe and secure.

Streamlined and hassle-free leasing

We simplify the rental process by doing everything electronically, without a guarantor and with a minimum of red tape – we understand that our customers—students and parents—value a convenient, hassle-free partnership with their housing provider.

Attractive designed living spaces

Our properties are designed to be attractive, comfortable, convenient and practical. Our student housing properties are intended to keep our residents focused on their studies, while offering social spaces which encourage community interaction. We provide ample common areas for social interaction among residents—based on the conviction that an important component of the university experience is the informal social interaction among students.

It’s easy and simple to pay your monthly bill

We bill a single monthly fee which covers all of our residents’ cost of living. There no hidden charges, condominium expenses, or property usage fees (with the exception of electricity used for air conditioning, which is separately billed on a per-usage basis). All residents have the rights to use all common areas and facilities free of additional charges.