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Uliving provides students with immersion in student life.

Professional Management

Uliving is a pioneer in the student housing market. We studied purpose-built student housing in the United States and Europe, adapting it to the needs of Brazilian university students. After almost a decade, we have adapted our student communities to provide a convenient, secure and culturally rich experience for Brazilian students and international students participating in exchange programs.

Our residents’ security is our first priority.

Our buildings are designed for security. They are well lit and have CCTV cameras around their external areas and internal common areas. Our professional staff are on site 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide support and guidance to our residents and to provide a point of contact for parents.

Our online leasing process is simple and hassle free.

Becoming a resident is simple and hassle free. The process is 100% digital. No need for a guarantor. No red tape. Uliving management values your time and is constantly seeking to improve our customer experience.

Spaces and services

Our communities are inspired by student residences in the United States, UK and Europe–and adapted to Brazil. We seek to provide dynamic student communities with the amenities required to allow our residents to succeed in their academic endeavors. Our community management staff are empowered to plan events–ranging from guest lectures from business, political, artistic or academic leaders to birthday parties and holiday celebrations, to make our communities vibrant. Our community management staff provide individualized attention to our residents, including academic orientation and coaching.

Our billing system is simple

You receive one monthly bill on the 5th day of the month–covering the full residency costs. There are no hidden charges.


have lived
with us




millions of
invested reais

“Better connections, professionalism and security
are among defended differentials. ”

We have kids to test
our ability to love each other
more than ourselves.

"Enhance independence and create the leaders of tomorrow.”

Juliano Antunes - Uliving founder

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