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Did you know?

1 million pizzas a day

São Paulo has the second highest pizza consumption in the world, behind New York. Amazing: paulistanos consume more than 700 pizzas per minute!


The largest city in Latin America

Sampa covers 1,522 square kilometers and is home to approximately 12 million inhabitants, making it the seventh most populous city in the world! and the largest in Latin America.

Tourists love SP

The cities in the Northeast are the ones that most receive tourists in Brazil, correct? Wrong! São Paulo is the largest Brazilian tourist destination, with almost 13 million tourists per year.


Ranked fifth worldwide in number of museums.

But for those looking for fun, the City has several points. Famous for its cultural life, it is the 5th city with the most museums in the world, including leading institutions such as MASP, MAM, MAC-USP, the Portuguese Language Museum and the Pinacoteca do Estado.


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São Paulo is the largest university city in the country.

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