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What is University Housing? How it works?
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Student Housing - What is it

Also called student housing, University housing is a modern, organized and safe space intended for exclusive housing for students, freshmen and seniors, who leave their parents’ house to live their university years in another city. Typically, university housing is located close to colleges and offers practical, quick and hassle-free rental.

Admission to university is a very happy moment not only for the approved student, but for the whole family. At this stage, in addition to having contact with the law hazing – a kind of rite of passage in which the student is introduced to university life through games or donations (called solidarity hazing) – many doubts arise, such as where to live, since the reality for many students is to leave their parents' house and even move to another city. And an option for this audience is the university housing.

With all the news and changes when entering college, every university student would love to receive tips that will make their life easier, whether inside the university or outside of it.

Thinking about it, we created this super content, a real guide, to guide you on everything that involves choosing the ideal place to live during your graduation. Let's go there?!

What is university housing?


Student housing is a modern and organized place that houses university students during their undergraduate or postgraduate years. Unlike student republics, there is a company responsible behind it, which operates and works daily for the well-being of residents.

Generally, when entering college, young people need to move to another city and get away from their family. Therefore, university housing presents itself as a great option: it offers support and security, reassuring the resident's parents, and contributes to the personal growth of young people, through socialization with other students.

That is, living in a place like this means meeting interesting people from all over the world and creating a support network to avoid feeling alone. That way, it's much easier to put together that little study group and that little rolês group, isn't it?


The history of university housing


With the emergence of the first universities between the eleventh and twelfth centuries in Europe, collective housing for students was born with them, who needed to move to the campus in order to complete their studies.

In Brazil, the first university housing appeared around the 1850s and 1860s, in Ouro Preto, due to the Mining Cycle and the need to provide shelter for foreign students from the Escola de Minas de Ouro Preto.

With the 1946 Constitution, the Brazilian education system began to offer student housing. What the education system wants with this is to provide study conditions for young people who need to leave their cities and improve the school efficiency of these students.


How University Housing works


As a rule, student housing is managed by a company that responds to all issues involving the unit's facilities, financial, commercial and other areas. Usually, they are buildings that are well located, close to the main colleges in the city and renting a room or apartment is without bureaucracy: a contract without a guarantor, digital and fast.

As mentioned, university housing offers full support to the academic community, from the physical structure, with furnished apartments and beautiful and comfortable common areas, to the socialization and well-being of students, with events and parties.

University housing has organization, structure, pre-defined rules and a schedule of activities that ensure good coexistence and the good performance of residents in their respective academic routines. Most of them offer large study spaces (coworking). In addition, students have at their disposal common spaces, swimming pools, leisure areas and other environments.

When making a reservation, the sales team sends a contract and after it is signed, the future resident can, in a few days, move to his new home. Reception takes place by the unit's relationship team, which accompanies and gives full support to the new member of the community, solving all the doubts that are normal when arriving at a new place.


How much does it cost to live in University Housing


In general, prices vary according to the city and neighborhood in which the house is located. However, the starting price is R$1.600 to R$2.250 per month. The size and type of room can also affect the price.

It is worth remembering that the monthly fee is designed based on the advantages and benefits that housing offers: new and furnished apartments, practicality, security and belonging to a student community.


Differences between Republic and University Housing


University housing and student housing are not the same thing. And understanding the differences between them is easy, do you want to see?! In the student republic, apartments or houses are generally divided among students who create their own norms of coexistence. Thus, the residents themselves create and dictate the rules of the republic, according to their own criteria and this makes several things quite informal, for example, rental agreements, divisions of bedrooms and community spaces.

This informality in contract relations and divisions of space, as well as the lack of well-defined rules in favor of the harmony of residents, end up making coexistence in the republics become very complicated.

Unlike this scenario, university housing has regulations previously established by the responsible institution, in order to guarantee good coexistence among students residing in university housing.

Another positive point of university housing is the planning, which ranges from the design of the building, which is designed to offer greater comfort and security, to the layout of the environments, whether private or common to all residents.

Everything within a university residence is designed and developed aiming, in addition to comfort and safety, to provide all the support so that students can grow and improve their academic and personal activities.

University housing is responsible, but it is still youthful. University time is magical and university housing is the perfect place to spend those years!


7 Advantages of university housing


We've already mentioned several advantages of university housing here, but it's not over yet, okay? We know that choosing a place to live is not the easiest thing in the world, so, to help you choose without fear, we have separated 7 advantages of university housing. Check out!


1. Unique university experience

In addition to single and shared rooms, student housing often has games rooms, study areas and shared kitchens. There are different places, types and ways of living in university housing, just find out which one best fits your profile.

This “house” provides the university student with a true experience of immersion in an academic environment, but not literally, stay calm! Furthermore, university housing gives students the chance to create connections with different people and have a unique experience. Collaboration and coexistence with other students, whether in your field or not, will bring important experiences and life lessons beyond the university world.

But why is this relevant? Because, in addition to a good structure, with comfortable accommodation that provides a good space to study, it is important to live in a peaceful environment and with people who share the same goals. It's easier to stay focused when space and environment collaborate for it. When you have exam week you will understand.


2. Values

When you have doubts about how university housing works, it is normal to question the value. Each unit has a different price, which varies depending on the type of apartment and the location the student is looking for.

Everything is thought out to be able to serve publics with different conditions which, financially speaking, also guarantees several options of units, so that young people look for the one closest to the university where they will study.


3. Emotional support

Unlike solo housing, in university housing you will be surrounded by people living the same period as you. So, in this situation, feelings of empathy and solidarity can surface, causing you and your colleagues to form a support network, overcoming obstacles and tensions together.

Homesickness, exam week, being out of crush or crush, are complicated situations and most college students go through this, so there's nowhere to hide. Therefore, it is best to choose a place where there are people willing to console themselves. Everything is easier when you know you have someone to tell.


4. Help with studies

University housing can also be a place to study. There, you will be able to have a space to concentrate and go deep into your studies, without suffering major interruptions, for example, coworking, an environment that serves this purpose. Coworking is a place to work together, so it can be used to maintain focus and silence when studying.

A good place to study will be essential to pass the exams, activities and college work as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, university housing is the place where students from the most varied courses come together. Therefore, living in one of these, you will be able to learn a lot and help your colleagues.

Exchanging experiences is never too much, even more so when you live with someone else. Imagine, you taking a humanities course, you take that exact subject that you are not a big fan of, but you have a roommate who takes an engineering course, could it be more perfect? Of course, it's just an example, but the likelihood that you'll meet people from different courses willing to help you is immense.


5. Learning to live together

In university housing, you learn to collaborate on a wide range of topics and tasks with people different from you. This lifestyle helps young people gain maturity and autonomy in different areas of life, beyond university.

Os impacts of university housing for young people, it also provides the opportunity to gain new experiences and friendships, which are essential, especially when you are away from your family.

It's much more comfortable to go through a situation when you have a friend by your side, isn't it? In university housing, you can create good friendships with people from different places, and you can be neighbors with people from different cultures and learn a lot from that. It is a unique and incredible experience that is worth having and that you will carry with you for many years to come.


6. Responsibility

Although the houses have comfortable spaces suitable for studying, some prefer the calm and silence of studying alone. In this way, single rooms are a great option, as they provide greater privacy, in addition to the autonomy to take care of your own space.

Shared rooms, on the other hand, are for those who are looking for more economical stays and/or would like to live with a friend or family member and, therefore, choose to share the room and expenses. By sharing a room, you have the opportunity to live longer with other people, strengthen friendship bonds, exercise your personal relationships with different people, learn to establish and obey rules of coexistence, in addition to knowing your own limits and those of your colleagues and respect them.

In both cases, you acquire responsibilities. After all, being away from home already requires maturing, but living with other people requires another sense of responsibility: collective responsibility. You will learn to take care of yourself and to live with differences. 

The combo: leaving home + going to college + living with other people + having to deal with your own problems is a real builder of responsibilities.


7. Safety

In addition to everything that has already been mentioned, certain residences have qualified professionals hired to help students in any emergency, 24 hours a day. It's extra security and the certainty that you'll be comfortable all the time, in addition to a relief for the parent's heart.

The insecurity goes away when you realize that you are in good hands and in great university housing. Throughout Brazil, there are companies that offer the best university housing options for each student's profile. That's why it's important to research the different options well to make the right decision that should suit you and your study plan.

In addition to the advantages presented above, proximity or easy access to the college and a structure that makes it easier to maintain a quality study schedule and extra-curricular activities, are other benefits that university housing offers.

The student housing also has a privileged location, with easy access to public transport and large shopping centers, which makes it convenient for students to move around.


How to choose university housing?


The task of deciding where to live during your college years is not an easy task. Young people recently selected for college are generally very anxious to see what will happen and because they need to make very important decisions.

To help you decide which university housing best fits your needs and interests, we have separated some points that can be taken into consideration at this time.



Paying attention to the location of university housing is a very important tip. First, the most interesting thing is that the place of residence is not too far from the university, because this will avoid many problems with commuting.

Second, it is also interesting to observe what is close to the housing location. Places such as pharmacies, supermarkets, subway stations and bus stops are details that will make your day to day easier.


mobility and transport

And speaking of subway stations and bus stops, another super tip is to see if these public services are available nearby. Even if the college is close to home, it is always good to remember that you will need to move to carry out other activities, whether academic or leisure.



Look for places that offer services such as 24-hour concierge, security cameras, electronic locks, guards and security guards, etc.



Many students will experience living away from their parents for the first time, which means they will have to buy their own furniture. This can be a headache when it comes to financial matters. So, the most practical solution is to look for a place that is already fully furnished, in order to meet the student's needs.


leisure and events

There are student housing that offer many leisure options: shared areas with games, spaces for rest, sports and socializing. There are even some with a restaurant and bar! 

It is good to take into account houses that promote events that encourage community life and personal and professional growth: birthdays, workshops, halloween, carnival, lectures and much more. Too much to think that there are places like this to live! Is not true?



Keep in mind that student life is busy and busy, so the more housing helps, the better! 

Does the house you are thinking of moving to offer apartments that are already furnished? Researching, buying and selling furniture is too much work. Does the monthly fee include condominium, maintenance, IPTU, water, gas and internet? Having everything organized in a single account helps life a lot.


24h support

As previously mentioned, you can count on a prepared team available 24 hours a day to assist you.


Pets are welcome

If you have a pet, it is important to consider this requirement. Understand the rules for pets, usually houses accept small dogs and cats.


no bureaucracy

It is possible to find the perfect place for you and in a very practical way since the contracts are 100% digital. In addition, you also do not need a guarantor in the process.



Student residences offer a lot of security because they have surveillance cameras, access control and electronic locks.

Daily coexistence with other university students can transform you into a differentiated professional, who knows how to deal well with people and the most diverse situations. University housing is much more than just a place to live, it is a cultural exchange of great value and good experiences. Just live and enjoy!


Traditional rental or University Housing


In a survey carried out by G1, in 2011 it was pointed out that the real estate market had a 35% growth in rents, due to university students. That year, renting a place to stay close to college cost, on average, R$600 to R$900 reais and, currently, we know that the situation is no longer the same, as with the large increases in the value of rent, it has become an unconventional option for those who want to live close to their studies, with university housing being once again the best option!

In addition to traditional rent being more expensive than university housing, there are other differences between them. In university housing, you have the company of other students and the academic community, who will be part of your circle of friends and support network throughout your degree. But, for those who opt for traditional renting, they may not be able to develop this contact with the community.

We conclude that, currently, university housing is a great option for thousands of students, an option that can add not only to their university studies, but also to human knowledge in society, dealing face to face with responsibility on a daily basis.


Student housing around the world


As we saw previously, university housing is a modern, organized and safe space intended for the exclusive housing of students during their university period. And this way of housing students is not something that only happens in Brazil, as it is a practice present in several countries. Therefore, check out some student housing around the world below:


Escape (Europe)

scape UK


Scape is a student dormitory complex located in London, England. It is considered a new model of compact urban housing and has six hundred units, measuring twelve and a half meters each. The purpose of the bedrooms is to take advantage of extremely compact spaces, as well as means of transport.

Inside the bedrooms, each piece of furniture has multiple functions, in addition to having a small private bathroom and a mini-kitchen. On the ground floor, there are several restaurants and common spaces.


The Student Hotel (Europe)

The Student Hotel


The Student Hotel is a new hotel concept located in Amsterdam. In addition to a hotel, it is also a coworking space and holiday apartments. 

For those who are going to study in Amsterdam, the rooms have acoustic protection in the rooms and the corridors are also silent. In addition, it is located next to a metro station, which takes you to the airport and the city center.


Unite Student (Europe)

Unite Student


The Unite Group offers purpose-built student accommodation across the UK. It provides residential accommodation to over 74.000 students in 123 buildings across the UK, making it the oldest and largest provider of housing in the country.  


CX Place (Europe)

CX Italy


Housing in Italy varies depending on where you decide to study, for example, accommodation in big cities like Rome and Milan is much more expensive than in rural areas, on the other hand, the options are more varied.

However, few Italian universities offer student accommodation and options are limited. And, if you have an Erasmus scholarship, there is a free service called Sportello Casa that can help you find accommodation in specific areas. In addition, in some cases, this service is also offered to students outside the Erasmus program, you just need to certify if you can use it.


Collegiate (Europe)

Collegiate Portugal


Collegiate offers student residences in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

The housing service provides a safe and pleasant environment during the university years.

One of the main goals of the Collegiate is to provide student accommodation that does not compromise on studio space and style – especially the social areas. As a result, Collegiate facilities include gyms, game rooms and movie theaters that allow residents to enjoy and relax with their friends and roommates.


Uliving (Brazil)

Uliving Brazil


Uliving's student housing is located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Santos and Campinas. They offer studios and apartments furnished with safety and comfort for students to enjoy their studies and their experience at college.

With the expansion of entrance exams and programs that help students enter universities, university housing has become even more popular, as it helps new university students to study far from home, even in other states in Brazil, at their university. dreams.

Therefore, you must be attentive to all the questions posed in the text, so that comfort will be your best friend during the years you will spend at university.

Thinking about offering a specialized experience, Uliving, a pioneer and specialist in university housing, established itself in 2012 in Brazil and provides students with great experiences, as well as great comfort and security.


From reading this article, we saw that university housing is a space that houses students during their undergraduate years and that has several advantages such as a privileged location, security, organization and practicality. 

Therefore, for those who want to know more about university housing or are looking for a place to live during university, visit the Uliving and find the best place to live and study!