For moms and dads

Uliving is security and practicality during the University life.

Professional Management

Uliving's pioneering spirit in the Student Housing segment in Brazil means that we deeply understand the needs of young students and, at the same time, parents. We value excellence in service, from end to end. For this, we have professionals specialized in each area.

Security for a peaceful life

We know that safety comes first. Unlike student republics, Uliving is organized and has rules. In addition, our units have cameras in all shared environments, electronic locks, access control and a 24-hour support team.

Simplified and agile rental

We came to innovate and simplify: rentals at Uliving are 100% digital and there is no need for a guarantor. We understand that bureaucracy is a thing of the past and that agility and ease are part of today's life.

Environments and services

The university student feels at home in our environments! With modern and comfortable areas, our units are designed for the development of residents. To focus and study: coworking with individual rooms. To enjoy and make new friends: social and celebratory events organized by the team.

It's easy and simple to pay the monthly fee!

All your child's bills (rent, condominium, water, gas, energy, internet and services) organized in a single bill to be paid on the stipulated day of each month. Simple and practical to make life easier for residents and parents.


people already
lived with us




millions of
reais invested

“Better connections, professionalism and security
are among defended differentials.

We have children to test
our capacity to love the other,
more than ourselves.

Transforming the way of life of young people, contributing to a new way of relating to society.”

Juliano Antunes - Founder of Uliving

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