Uliving is a network of student housing. You will live in a 100% furnished apartment and in a complete building to meet all your needs, such as studying and working in a coworking space with individual meeting rooms. We also offer a fully equipped shared kitchen. The best part is that, in addition to living well, you will have a community life, meet new people, make friends and have a lot of fun with your neighbors.

Our Apartments are aimed at students.

Students: Graduation, Post-Graduation, Residence or courses with more than 6 months duration are released regardless of age.

São Paulo: Gardens, Paradise, Pine trees.

Santos: Vila Matias.

Rio de Janeiro: Flamengo Beach.

Uliving accepts pets with some coexistence rules. Among the rules of coexistence, we can say that:

– Allowed one pet per apartment.

– Animals cannot remain in the internal areas, only transit on a leash.

– In external areas, pets can remain without a leash, but respecting the safety of other residents.

– Mandatory to hire the weekly cleaning package for your apartment. Only individual apartments can accept pets.

We accept dogs and cats (small and medium size; up to 10 kg).

The pet's stay is conditioned to the presentation of proof of the following vaccines within the validity period:

Dogs: V8 vaccine (which prevents distemper, coronavirus, hepatitis (adenovirus I), adenovirus II, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza) and rabies;

Cats: V4 vaccine (which protects against feline rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus, feline panleukopenia and chlamydiosis) and rabies;

Uliving only offers studios and furnished apartments. We do not have houses for rent.

Uliving offers a new concept of housing, but we do not offer catering services. We have equipped kitchens in our buildings that residents can use to prepare and store their meals on a daily basis. At the Jardins, Paulista and Santos units, we have a bar/restaurant, operated by our partner Gomo, which offers various food and drink options to residents and their guests.

Uliving is following all Covid-19 safety and prevention measures. Our common areas are frequently cleaned with high sterilization products and equipped with gel alcohol.

Yes. Upon check-in, all new residents must present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 (at least the 1st dose).

The same rule applies to visitors. To access Uliving's facilities, you will also need to present proof of vaccination against covid-19 at the unit's reception.

For visitors and new residents who do not have proof of vaccination, they will not be able to access the building.

If you have a signed contract and a scheduled date is close, we ask that you send us your result and we postpone your entry date to comply with the isolation period recommended by health institutions of at least 14 days. After this period, we request that a new test be carried out before check-in and we will not charge for the isolation period.

The Uliving application is for the exclusive use of residents. Through the app, residents can hire additional cleaning services, reserve spaces, request maintenance, register visitors, make complaints and suggestions.

about the apartments

The studio footage may vary according to the unit and plant, being approximately:

Gardens: Between 15 and 35 m²
Paulista: Between 20 and 35 m²
Pine trees: Between 20 and 35 m²

Saints: Between 20 and 35 m²
Rio: Between 20 and 45 m²

Total Area (Private + Common Fraction)

The monthly fee includes: Rent, assistance, maintenance, orange club (participation in all Uliving events and benefits program), and free Wi-Fi Internet, with access to up to 3 devices per resident.

Charges condominium administration fee (the total amount of monthly charges will include condominium, water, gas, IPTU and electricity bills), variable fee for the use of air conditioning; laundry and cleaning (pay per use) will be charged according to use.

Cleaning service

You can hire your apartment to be cleaned whenever you want (through the Uliving app) and then you can decide whether you want a package of 4 cleanings per month, or if you want a single cleaning (R$180,00 monthly with one cleaning per week or R$60 single) . The amount comes in the same bill as the monthly fee.

Common Areas

The team will clean the kitchen twice a day, taking out the garbage, cleaning the equipment, the sink and the floor. Dishes must be washed by whoever uses them, leaving them clean for the next person.

All Uliving buildings are equipped with Laundry, a service offered by Bubble Box in the style of American laundries: you can hire as many washing/drying cycles as you want. The price per cycle starts at R$10,00 (for each wash or each drying) and payment can be made by credit or debit card at the machine itself. 

No. We have individual apartment options with and without pantry.

In addition, there are two shared options depending on the Uliving unit you are going to live in:


Shared Studio: Studio for two people (two single beds in the room)

Apartments: Apartments with 2 to 4 single rooms and bathroom, pantry/living room shared between these rooms.

Yes, it is possible for a couple to reside in one of our studios, as follows:

Rio de Janeiro: In rooms that have a widower's bed, a fee of R$500 is charged in addition to the monthly fee.

Gardens: It is not possible, as all apartments have a single bed.

Paulista: In rooms that have a widower's bed, a fee of R$500 is charged in addition to the monthly fee.

It is not possible for three people to live in the same studio, as we do not have rooms with this bed configuration.

Yes. The Orange Club program for Uliving residents guarantees participation in our events, integration between units and you even have the possibility of staying in another location as an extra benefit that we offer Uliving residents and community.

The operational team has the autonomy to define the rooms and availability together with the sales team. There will be a single fee (independent of the unit) in the amount of BRL 100,00/day + one-time cleaning fee of BRL 50,00 (Not being able to choose the typology, subject to availability and choice of the unit's operating team)

Look for the Community Manager of your Uliving unit for more information and request the benefit up to 7 days in advance.

In the case of not having someone to share the apartment, Uliving is responsible for finding another resident/guest, we use as a criterion the grouping of people who have similar work or study areas and the same sex to share the room. If you have a friend of the opposite sex who wants to share the apartment, that is also possible.

Yes, we have individual options that include a small cup. You can find these studios that have the name “Copa” in the name.

All studios have a minibar regardless of category.

We provide all the equipment for the shared kitchen and also some utensils for general use. It is not allowed to take items for shared use to your apartment, subject to a fine.

Some items, such as plates and cutlery, are characterized as individual use and therefore we recommend that each resident bring these objects with them. Uliving does not provide decoration items, bedding, pillows and the like.

Some apartments have a TV installed in the bedroom depending on the type and Unit

Gardens: They don't have TV.

Paulista: Only the Premium apartments have a TV.

Rio: Only the Premium apartments have a TV.

Saints: Only apartments in the Apartment category have a TV in the living room.

You can still bring your TV to some apartments if the chosen modality does not have this item, we warn you that changing the layout of the space is not allowed. You can request the installation of a support to place your TV by paying an extra fee, we do not offer cable TV service. It is important to check if the chosen apartment has space for the installation of the support.

  • Cost of labor and parts for installation. The support will be added as an improvement to the apartment (we provide supports that are approved for each type of wall on which they will be installed).

Santos: BRL 275,00

Gardens: BRL 200,00

Paulista: BRL 250,00

Pine trees: BRL 200,00

RJ: We don't offer that service;

Apartments are furnished and include:

  • Single or widower bed (see unit);
  • Black-out curtain;
  • Clothes closet;
  • Study table with chair, lamps and USB socket;
  • Minibar;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Shower with central heating (see unit);
  • Induction cooktop (see unit);
  • Microwave (see unit);
  • Debugger (see unit);
  • TV (see unit)

We have a maintenance team to carry out the repairs. You can request maintenance directly in the Uliving application and it will be answered within a maximum of 24 hours. If it's urgent, you can call the team directly and let them know.

This is at no cost to you, unless misuse is proven!

High voltage electrical items can compromise your studio's power panel and even the floor. For this reason, we do not allow you to use electrical appliances and appliances without first consulting the unit's management.

Smoking inside the studio is completely prohibited and subject to a fine. Smoking (cigarette, tobacco, cigar, e-cigarette, hookah, etc. or any other type of similar substance) inside the apartments or in the common areas of the development, this infraction being considered serious; Smoking is allowed only in the uncovered outdoor areas, where the ashtrays are located.

The wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is provided free of charge as a courtesy by Uliving through an external service provider. The internet has a maximum speed of 20 mbps. Internet speed may vary by connection and provider. It is not possible to replace the internet provider with another private network.

In some units we have spaces in addition to several parking options in the region of the units (some with Uliving agreements, with discounts for residents).

Gardens: Bike rack only.

Rio: 20 parking spaces available, use subject to contracting the service, in the amount of R$ 300,00/month for passenger vehicles and R$ 150,00/month for motorcycles.

Paulista: 40 car spaces available for R$300/month. There are bicycle spaces in this unit.

Holys: The use of the garage is conditioned to contracting the service, in the amount of R$ 250,00/month for passenger vehicles and R$ 150,00/month for motorcycles;

Campinas: Spaces available for a car worth R$150,00/month

We have partnerships with some parking lots located on the same block as the units:

Gardens: Al. Lorena 360 and costs BRL 180/month (24 hours)

Rio: Russel Street 804 and costs BRL 450/month (24 hours)

Common Areas

All Uliving units have common areas, such as a shared kitchen, games room, coworking space, rooftop and 24-hour reception.

In addition to these areas:

Gardens: gomo bar

Rio: Pool and Cinema

Paulista: Gomo Bar and Sand Volleyball Court

Saints: Gomo Bar, Rooftop and reading room

Pine trees: Rooftop

Yes, each guest can receive a maximum of 2 (two) visitors at a time in the common areas of the building, respecting the maximum number of guests for each unit.

We have cameras in all common areas. We will identify the person, call to talk and explain the rules. In case of recurrence, we have to apply a fine, because as we cannot harm others, we will clean it and this has an additional cost.

There is access control through biometrics, both at the entrance door and at the elevator access turnstile, guaranteeing access only to residents and/or registered visitors. In addition, we have surveillance cameras in all common areas and outdoor areas, monitored by local staff, present 24 hours a day.

Our team will always be ready to help you with all your needs. That's why we ask you to fill out a medical form, indicating whether you have medical insurance and even saying if you have any special needs.

Knowing the unit before booking

Yes, with scheduled times. We follow all protective recommendations, such as the use of masks and hand hygiene when arriving at the building, visits are allowed (up to two people can enter per visit). You can request an appointment through the service channel or on the Uliving website. Your visit will be confirmed by one of our commercial representatives.

Once you schedule your visit, a Leasing Agent will contact you and from that moment on will accompany you until the day of the visit. In addition, the Leasing Agent can also respond to any questions that may arise in relation to the rental and accommodation of the studio, maintaining direct contact with the client until the reservation is made.

Yes, it is possible to visit all the units, just check the availability of visiting hours and receive confirmation from the Uliving team.

Visits are scheduled normally during business hours. Monday to Saturday from 9am to 18pm (If you need to visit at another time, you can check availability with the Leasing Agent). Visits are free.

Yes, we understand that unforeseen events happen. You must notify the Leasing Agent with whom your visit was scheduled and arrange a new date to visit the desired unit.

You choose! Due to the pandemic and even location, we are able to offer visits via video calls or in person, in this case, where you go to the unit on the day and time that was scheduled.

When a property is not reserved, it continues to receive new visits, proposals and someone else can also reserve the property, having more chances of renting it. The booking fee guarantees that the apartment is reserved for a period of 14 consecutive days – subject to the signing of the contract. In addition, it covers legal and credit costs.

Too easy! You enter our website, choose the unit and type of apartment you want to live in, click on 'BOOK', fill in your details and pay the Reservation Fee of R$ 500,00 and as soon as we receive your reservation payment , you will receive new instructions by the registered email.

If you give up the proposal up to 7 calendar days after payment of the reservation; students who are unable to check-in and prove that they do not have any course subject available in person in 2021, we will refund the amount paid. The return period is 10 working days after the request. If the withdrawal is after a period of 7 days from the payment of the reservation, it will not be reversed*.

*For cases of non-approved credit analysis, the amount may be reversed, as long as the complete documentation has been sent.

The studio fee is fixed.

Credit analysis

You will receive an email from the Uliving team with instructions on the information and documentation you need to submit for the credit and profile review.

The credit analysis depends on the correct submission of documentation. Upon complete submission of documentation, the analysis will take up to 3 business days to be carried out. If it is necessary to send additional documentation, we will carry out a Credit Reanalysis and, in this case, the deadline may be extended for another 3 working days to wait for the submission of new documentation.

For natural person: RG, CPF, proof of residence and e-mail for personal and exclusive use of the financial officer.

For CLT employee: 3 last payslips. If you are an employee registered for less than 03 months, send a signed employment contract.

For civil servant: last 3 payslips

For self-employed/self-employed professionals: Individual bank statements - 03 last complete months, readable with the account holder's data, service provision contract

For legal entity: RG, CPF, e-mail for personal and exclusive use of the Legal Entity representative and balance sheet.

In this case, you can present another person who has some connection with you to be your Financial Officer.

If you are not approved in the profile or credit review, we will contact you and provide the reason why you were not approved. Subsequently, we will request new documentation.

Contract and Change

The contracts have a minimum duration of 12 months where we allow entries in the current month with departures on 31/01 or 31/07 (depending on the check-in period).

Once your analysis is approved, you will be notified via email and we will send you a digital contract through the Zoho Sign platform to formalize the studio rental/hosting.

The building operation will have 5 days after signing the contract to prepare your room and welcome you.

Signatures are made electronically through the Zoho Sign platform, here you can access a tutorial on how to perform an electronic signature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCjvnDBCxWw

The date agreed with one of our Leasing Agents or via the website is just a stipulation, we can only guarantee entry after signing the contract. That's why it's very important to keep an eye on the email, send the complete documentation and sign the contract as soon as possible.

Our arrival forecast is 7 working days after passing the credit analysis, provided that the contract is signed within 2 calendar days of receipt.

The building operation will have 5 days after signing the contract to prepare your room and welcome you.

This deadline occurs because we want your stay with us to go as smoothly as possible. Before your entry, in addition to preparing your apartment, we need to issue the slips and confirm the payment of the first monthly fee and damage deposit.

We make reservations for scheduled dates within 30 days of the reservation date and request that the contract be signed as soon as possible. if you want to make the entry at a later date than this period, we will contact you in the future. In these cases, if the reservation has already been paid, we can keep it, just remember that if you want to return in the future, we cannot guarantee that the chosen studio will be available or that the negotiated values ​​will be maintained.

TWe have apartments available in all units, just select the unit of interest and check the studio categories which will best meet your demand.

If the desired studio is not available, you can sign up for the waiting list. Once the space is available, we will contact you to check if there is still interest and start the reservation process!

To confirm the date of change, confirmation of the payment of the first monthly fee and the damage deposit must be made before checking-in.

Residents can postpone the start date of their contract by a maximum of 30 days by paying a fee of 20% of their monthly fee.

The guest must make the request at least 15 (fifteen) days before the desired date to change the Unit (with a minimum stay of 30 days); Changes must occur exclusively on the 1st of each month (Exceptions are emergency changes due to problems in the room or with a roommate, in which case it will be evaluated by the unit's management); Subject to the availability of the desired typology;

An exit cleaning fee will be charged when exchanging the apartment.

Before signing the contract and moving to Uliving, the renter must be aware of the internal regulations of the unit he intends to move to, thus respecting the rules of coexistence and subject to fines for non-compliance with these.

Gardens - https://uliving.com.br/regulamento-interno-jardins/

Paulista - https://uliving.com.br/regulamento-interno-paulista/

Pinheiros - https://uliving.com.br/regulamento-interno-pinheiros/

Santos - https://uliving.com.br/regulamento-interno-santos/

Rio - https://uliving.com.br/regulamento-interno-rio/


The amount of the damage deposit is to cover any damage that may occur to the property. It will be returned at the end of the lease/accommodation, excluding only the cleaning fee and any repairs that may be necessary, according to the inspection reports.

If at the end of the contract, at the exit inspection, everything is fine with your apartment, we will refund the full amount of your deposit, less the value of the exit cleaning:

Apartments without pets: R$ 150,00
Apartments with pets: R$ 250,00

For residents with a pet, the higher value for the Unit will be deducted.

The amounts of the damage deposit vary according to the type of apartment and Unit (vestments in cash, must be paid in a single invoice together with the 1st monthly payment):


Gardens: from 1500 (Single and 2 Bedroom)

Rio: from R$ 1500 (Premium; individual; Shared and 2 Bedroom),

Paulista: R$ 1500 (Premium and individual)

Saints: R$ 1500 (Premium; Individual and Shared)

Pine trees: from BRL 1500 (Premium; individual and Apartment)

Every month you will receive a billing slip for the monthly fee. For payment by card, we have an extra cost charged by the card operator and we have to pass this on to those who opt for this facility. The value is 7% on the monthly fee.

Payment is via invoice. For payment by card, we have an extra cost charged by the card operator and we have to pass this on to those who opt for this facility. The value is 7% on the monthly fee.

You can request a new ticket, which will come with the 10% fine provided for in the contract.

Only monthly payments will be accepted.

We really want you to come and live at Uliving, so the amount paid in the reservation can be used within a period of 12 months.


Yes, you can request a reversal of the reservation fee within 7 calendar days of paying the reservation. After this period, we will carefully analyze the reason for the withdrawal and the possibility of not receiving the refund. In cases of non-approval in the credit analysis, the amount of the reservation fee will be refunded in full.

Contracts follow a cancellation policy where residents who choose to relapse must comply with a 30-day prior notice and pay a fine for two monthly payments.

Waiting list

If the typology you want is not available for immediate entry, just join the waiting list and wait for availability.

To join the waiting list, simply access the Uliving website, go to the page of the unit you are interested in, then the type of apartment and click on the button below the image where it says “waiting list”. From the moment of registration, the order in the list will be based on the date and time of submission of the form.

We cannot specify the date that we will have availability, but it is very important that you show interest and join the queue.

Yes. You will receive an email (automatic) confirming your registration and entry on the waiting list.

We will contact you (in queue order) as soon as the apartment becomes available, you will receive an email and a message via WhatsApp, you will have 12 hours to give us confirmation if you want to keep the apartment or not .

If you are unable to get back to us within the first 12 hours, we will move on to the next person in line, if you show interest, we will wait for the person to respond (if not) we can make the apartment available for you.

If you are no longer interested, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email so that we can remove your name from the waiting list.

From the moment of registration, the order in the list will be based on the date and time of submission of the form.

If you have already completed the waiting list form for a given unit and type of apartment and later fill in the form again for another unit, your position on the waiting list will be updated, being transferred to the new choice of type .

Contract renewal July/2023

Residents who have a contract ending on 31/07/2023

No, currently renewals are for contracts ending on 31/07/23, at the end of the year we will have another renewal period for contracts ending on 31/01/24.

You can choose the following departure dates:

  • 31/07/2024 (table value)
  • 31/08/2024 (table value)
  • 31/01/2024 (table value)
  • 29/02/2024 (table value)
  • 30/06/2024 (with an increase of 10%)
  • 31/12/2023 (with an increase of 25%)

Yes, the values ​​are increased on top of the marketed table according to the contract end date you choose. Tuition increments range from 10% to 25%.

Yes, a new contract will be sent for signature by the resident and the finance officer. The subscription needs to be made by 20/06/2023 to validate its renewal.

Yes. If the typology you want is available, you can change it! Contact your unit's commercial coordinator to check availability.

Yes, however, the renewal promotion is only valid during the campaign that runs from 20/05/2023 to 15/06/2023. After this period, the benefit for the renewal campaign will no longer be valid.

Yes, early termination will apply (foreseen in contact) with application of the termination balance (30 days of prior notice + 60 days of termination fine);

The monthly fee for renewal will be in effect from 01/08/2023, therefore, the monthly fee for August will already be at the new price.

No, the damage deposit has already been paid in the first contract with Uliving, the amount will remain withheld and refunded with applicable discounts only at the resident's check-out; 

The benefit is valid only for residents who renew during the campaign period (until 15/06/20213) and the discount amount of BRL 1.000,00 on the monthly fee will be given in the monthly fee for August/2023.

Suggestions and Partnerships

If you want to propose a partnership with Uliving, you can contact Marketing via email: comunica@uliving.com.br

For investors and negotiations, contact Uliving's customer service via email: atendimento@uliving.com.br

Access the url and check the vacancies: https://uliving.com.br/trabalhe-conosco/